The recent time is not been favourable for Yahoo, in addition to the severe security breaches, the company itself is slowly crumbling and losing the strength that once it had.

A new scandal seems that is now coming, according to the information made public, various sources showing that Yahoo has given access to emails of their customers to the NSA and the FBI.

The information is still not complete and needs further detail, but after 3 internal sources of Yahoo, the company has created and made information available to the NSA and the FBI, in 2015, yes, they gave direct access to their customers’ emails. Yahoo created a secret email scanning tool that worked under the command of U.S. intelligence and NSA officials.

This is the first case known in which an American technology company grants this easy way to access in real time to their customer data, being used only search patterns. So far the only known cases were based on information that was stored and only against if any court order was provided.

With access to this tool, both the NSA and the FBI were able to read, evaluate and get emails from thousands of accounts, without being required any order of a court or a similar entity. The access was secured and could be used at any time, without being given any explanation to Yahoo.


However, the Internet giant has come the public defend and, in a brief statement said that would only comply with the law and the orders that the government had given it.

“Yahoo is a law-abiding company, and complies with the laws of the United States”.

Several other companies, such as Google or Microsoft, were contacted and all denied having received any order or indication to proceed similarly.

Since all the information brought to the public by Edward Snowden, who showed how these agencies operate if the suspicion is increasingly present. Now this type of test situations is the real “threat” if the same information provided by the companies to the intelligence agencies like NSA and the FBI.