So I’ve been hearing for weeks now that Apple has been waffling a bit on a date for its late October Mac event. But, according to my sources, a date has been picked and that is Thursday October 27th. So those looking for a new MacBook, hold your horses. And if you’re a journo, flights are getting iffy but hotels are pretty cheap still.

I reached out to Apple for a comment on their secret, unannounced event but shockingly they did not reply.

Apple typically holds its events on a Tuesday or Wednesday. But it moved its earnings call earlier this month to Tuesday the 25th, so that was out. And the Microsoft Surface All-in-One PC event, which takes place on October 26th, knocks Wednesday out. It almost didn’t rule it out I think but that would have looked pretty silly on Apple’s part. Better they go the day after.

The event should hold news for those looking for new Mac models. A bunch of stuff has been previously rumored and reported and the stuff that seems the most accurate is new 13″ MacBook Air models with USB-C ports and a new MacBook Pro with a fancy digital display above the keyboard and Skylake Intel processors. New iMacs could appear, as well as a standalone 5k monitor to replace the Thunderbolt display. That device could have an internal GPU that enables MacBooks or older Macs to drive the much higher resolution display.

Make Apple Release Macs Again

Apple’s Macs, save the MacBook, have not been updated for over a year.